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Comp in Brief
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Company in Brief

PT Sigmagold Inti Perkasa Tbk (formerly, PT AGIS Tbk) is a public company with business in general trading sector, consisting of consumer electronics retail and after-sales services, home appliances, mobile devices, multimedia products and services, as well as natural resources in Indonesia. The Company has three subsidiaries engaged in consumer electronics, multimedia , and natural resources sectors.

Despite its main business activities focuses on consumer electronics, the Company currently has been developing natural resources business in gold mining. Reviewing growing gold demand in both domestic and global consumption for jewelry consumption, as well as investment, and industry, the Company is more confident to diversify gold mining business, which would provide value add to the Company’s shareholders.

As embodiment of the realization to develop its gold mining business, the Company obtained the approval to change its name by the Extraordinary General (EGM) on October 28, 2013. On February 14, 2014, the Company officially changed its name to PT Sigmagold Inti Perkasa Tbk.

Company Background

The Company was originally making investments in the consumer electronics sector. The Company is one of the company that has integrated consumer electronics distribution network across the country, as well as have a retail business and after-sales services in Indonesia with more than 30 years of experience. Currently, the Company has three subsidiaries that invest in a variety of consumer electronics business, multimedia business, and natural resources business.

Business Structure

The Company carried on the business until now covers the field of Consumer Electronics, Multimedia, and Natural Resources.